"Natural anti-aging from inside – superfoods for your skin. A healthy relationship with ourselves is the be-all and end-all. If we feel comfortable in our own skin, it visibly comes to the outside. We would like to show you how to use plant power for your natural beauty - the perfect glow from the inside. We truly love the topic of happy aging as we believe that the power of regeneration lies within us!"

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According to Ayurveda this fruit has the highest rejuvenating effect - the Nelli fruit (Phyllanthus emblica).

Already 5000 years ago, Phyllanthus emblica was considered a spiritual fruit that rejuvenates skin and internal organs. The fruit powder, processed by hand, effectively provides natural anti-aging properties from within.

With its antioxidant power, this royal fruit neutralizes free radicals that accelerate skin aging. It helps your body build collagen and strengthens your connective tissue.

The holistic plant complex with its multiple vital compounds, natural selenium and the anti-aging enzyme SOD releases your organism and furthermore contributes to normal thyroid function.

The extraordinary combination of nutrients makes NelliVera an effective "life-health remedy" for a powerful and active lifestyle.

The anti-stress capsules are your ideal everyday companions that provide an energy kick in between, boost your performance and support you in particularly challenging moments.

Aloe Vera organic primal juice

The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is the all-rounder in naturopathy and has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years.

With its holistic active spectrum of over 100 nutrients and building substances, it revitalizes your outer and inner beauty in a unique way. The aloe juice supports tissue and cell renewal, moisturizes and has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it is especially good for the inner skin - your mucous membrane.

For a radiant complexion, we recommend combining the internally use of aloe vera juice with Pharmos Natur Green Luxury cosmetics on the outside to provide your skin with 100% natural active ingredient.

Pharmos Natur relies on the healing power of the desert lily - 100% organic aloe vera juice instead of water!


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Sango coral

Shiny hair, stable fingernails, supple skin - the mineral miracle Sango coral with more than 70 trace elements has an extremely positive influence on our health.

Our premium Sango coral powder has an ideal bioavailability. This means that it can be ideally absorbed and utilized by the cells. Calcium and magnesium in the optimal 2:1 ratio additionally ensure that fingernails, hair and connective tissue are remineralized properly.

Taken in regularly Sango harmonizes our acid-base balance and replenishes our mineral depots, so that our body always has the possibility to fall back on essential reserves. These depots are the basis for a healthy body.

Vitamin D

Foremost, the sun vitamin is known for its essential role in strengthening the immune system. It is less well known that it also controls cell growth which is of great importance for the fast renewal of healthy skin. The vast majority suffers from a significant vitamin D deficiency which can lead to dry skin prone to inflammation.

If you want to support your bone mineralisation at the same time, we recommend to combine vitamin D with vitamin K. So that you can also use its full potential.


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When the French plant expert Professor Jack Masquelier researched the extraction of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) 65 years ago, he was convinced with all his heart and soul of their positive effect on the most diverse organs. 

This is because blood circulation and microcirculation in particular are said to be improved by a vascular-strengthening effect, which slows down our ageing process, as our blood carries many nutrients with it, which have to reach the most diverse places in the body.

Today, we know about the valuable OPC’s powerful antioxidant power that protect our body cells from free radicals and thus beware our cells of damage.

After a lifetime of dedication to the subject of rejuvenation from nature, we would like to honour the professor and his precious work and present you with his original recipe.

Regulatpro Hyaluron

Hyaluronic acid is not only used in creams. You can and should drink this miracle product. Regulatpro Hyaluron is the No. 1 happy aging beauty drink.With its selected ingredients such as biotin, zinc, copper, vegan hyaluronic acid and natural silicic acid, the bottle will become an important part of your daily beauty routine.

With just one shot (20ml) per day, Regulatpro Hyaluron naturally nourishes your skin, connective tissue, hair and nails with essential nutrients.

The essential trace element zinc is important for normal hair, skin and nails. Copper performs vital functions in the body as a trace element. 

It supports normal skin pigmentation and contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

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The Secret of Rejuvenation

The organic Rejuvenating Tea contains the following adaptogenic plants: Tulsi, Phyllanthus emblica, Brahmi, Shatavari, Cinnamon Basil and Tejpat.

They all support the powers of your self-healing.

The Phyllanthus emblica (Nelli fruit) has - from an energetic point of view - among other things, rejuvenating and toning properties on the tissues and organs. Thus, particularly rejuvenating properties on the collagenous tissue are attributed to this plant.

Developed according to original recipes of Ayurvedic-Tibetan teachings, this tea has a refreshing and soothing effect which brings harmony to body and soul.

Products for inner rejuvenation

Our selection of products is based on our specialised knowledge of holistic health and our many years of expertise. We love to share our experiences with you on this page! The selection we have made is intended to provide you with guidance and does not replace a professional consultation with your doctor/health practitioner.